Real Estate – For Sale By Owner

Buying and selling real estate involves certain professionals in most instances. Lawyer A lawyers duty is primarily to document the land purchase agreement between the seller and buyer. In most real estate transactions, the lawyer works for and paid by the buyer.


A surveyors task is to validate the boundaries of the property using beacons (markers). To also document the new purchaser by registering the documents at the local government offices.


A realtors duty is to identify, present and market suitable properties to clients. In most cases a realtors coordinates the other professionals especially during the closing process.


An FSBO property is a property offered and marketed by the seller directly instead of going through an agent. Some sellers might choose the FSBO route to better control the sale of their property. This requires the seller to be more hands on by listing the property on sites like ForSaleByOwner.Com and others. Also on social media sites like X (Twitter), Instagram and others.

For example, listing your property on ForSaleByOwner.NG will automatically propagate it to most all social media sites. Visit ForSaleByOwner.NG on the web,@4SaleByOwnerNG on X (Twitter) and Instagram.

August 17, 2023 6:24 pm

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